Screen Or Blackout Curtains?

As for decorating our workspaces or home, we must keep in mind the aesthetics and the functionality factor of each of the elements or objects that we will use in these environments.
If we talk about curtains, the functionality of these must be considered from the interior and exterior point of view.
On the one hand, the material with which they are made and the capacity that their design offers to the curtains to block the sun’s rays, to control the temperature of the environments, and to maintain privacy, must be validated.
On the other hand, from an aesthetic point of view, the style, colors, and durability of the selected material must be considered, so that they are perfectly integrated into the respective area.
In this sense, our curtains created with Blackout or Sunscreen materials provide you with a perfect alternative, whether you want the total blockage of external light or to maintain visibility of the outside while maintaining your privacy.
In any case, both materials meet the requirements mentioned above and are of excellent quality.

Benefits And Advantages Of These Fabrics

• Provide excellent control of outdoor light.
• They prevent your furniture from deteriorating due to the effect of UV rays.
• They are easy to clean.
• They are durable.
• They have a modern and highly decorative appearance.
• They offer great levels of privacy to spaces.
• They collaborate in the reduction of costs for the cooling of environments.

Helpful Tips

To achieve a longer useful life of these fabrics, Blackout and Sunscreen, we suggest the following tips:
1. Remove dust with a vacuum cleaner or pressurized air without rubbing.
2. Clean with a sponge or brush.

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